Aug 21, 2010

My Trip to UDESC, University of Santa Catarina, (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina), August 1-6, 2010

Louise Fleming

The university people were wonderful (see below) but first my day of birding and sightseeing. Prior to my coming, I had emailed Tony Alano, the university representative who takes care of visitors, and asked about bird watching. I bird wherever I go. I knew that I would not be able to figure out species by myself (different continent, different hemisphere). He graciously found a rafting business in Caldas da Imperatiriz. The day was chilly (50s F) and I didn’t want to get wet, so we all took a walk. Then we drove up the road to the historical Hotel Plaza Caldas. They employ a biologist who has landscaped for wildlife. It is forest and lawn, but all dedicated to wildlife habitat. It is very lovely and we saw lots of birds!!! Below is a picture Tony took of a toucan.

Florianopolis is an island in the state of Santa Catarina. It is a large city, but surrounded by 40 beaches. By day three, however, temps were in the 40s F. I had to buy a scarf to stay warm. Below are pictures of Florianopolis and me, all bundled up.

I certainly learned a lot about their programs at UDESC. I met wonderful faculty and students. Faculty and students are doing very exciting research and extension (service) projects. I am amazed at the students. They are idealistic and articulate. In Brazil, people who receive an education are supposed to give back to the community. These students and the faculty who lead them are doing that!! I can hardly wait to go back. Tchau.

Aug 10, 2010

Off to England: AU Faculty and Students Experience and Study London Schools.

Six teachers from Ohio, working on their masters degree at Ashland University, together with four family members (three husbands and a mom), and I took off to London, England on June 29 not just to tour one of the most global cities in the world, but also to study the classrooms and school systems. It was a fascinating and memorable two-week tour. Some of the pictures capture the sights and moments.
At Buckingham Palace.

A most knowledgeable beefeater gives us a tour at the Tower of London.

Always a magnificent sight, the Tower Bridge in London.

There was time for group as well as individual tours. Many of the participants visited other parts of Europe (Paris, Ireland, Scottland). I will be inviting them to share their experiences as well.